HarmonyFlo is our logic that helps strengthen your strategy (the flow) for your overall church and your individual ministries!

Plan & Schedule

Worship Planning, Service Planning, Workshop Planning, Meeting Planning. You name it we have you covered. 

Recruit your membership by allowing them to volunteer for the specific tasks that their willing to do. They can adjust at anytime should they want to do more (or less). Admins can then create schedules based off of member personal preferences. Allow members to rotate so the same person isn't doing the same thing every service. Worship planning made easy.


Dynamic Involvement Preferences

Easily create schedules that pull in member preferences and their black out dates. Recruit members by creating an involvement area within member 'custom profile fields' that ensures members get involved and stay connected with each other. Powerful notification and approval system for total scheduling management and control. Have members that are nervous to lead singing? No problem, they can set their preference for that category, and their name will not even display to be chosen to fill that spot.


Member Black Out Dates

Members on vacation? They can set black out dates so admin's wouldn't even see the member name to select. Administrators can auto approve everyone or allow a notification to be sent with an approval process per schedule. Publish and build schedules, including a printable .pdf view, unlike ever before! Use ChurchHarmony to help streamline your scheduling process, create accurate schedules, and increase efficiency with the help of our Plan & Schedule module.

Custom Schedules Linked and Print

Create custom schedules by date range, insert custom throughout including custom html header, footer, and text throughout. This is great for building that shareable bulletin, those to serve, schedule of service, etc that everyone uses weekly! Once your schedule is published it will become available to associate with any calendar event on your shared church calendar!



Ensure that latest visitor or volunteer in a congregation of 200, 2000, or 20000 gets immediate follow-up, action, and connection!

Example: New Visitor Info Form Submission

So you have ChurchHarmony setup in kiosk mode in your lobby...fantastic! Ensure that visitor is connected before the leave by automating a workflow that sends the visitor some welcome packet information, suggestions for Bible classes to plug into, and more when they submit their info. Further, assign tasks to existing member(s) to ensure they are contacting the visitor(s) for that 'personal' touch and connection.

Workflows will drive deeper connections, engagement, and involvement. Further, this can help streamline operations by allowing automation to handle many of the daily tasks you'd perform as an admin!



Assign tasks to member(s), follow-up on non-completed tasks, view records of completed tasks, save internal notes and view assignment history for any member. You can see who did what when at any time. Unlike the other guys, we won't send you a daily email digest that you get blind to of your tasks, that you can't even unsubscribe from, as we know your responsible enough and are going to want to login and interact anyway! But if you do want email and text notifications from your forms, you can have them.

ChurchHarmony® Dashboard

A church management solution packed with everything you need!

Gain more time to invest in your members and your community by simplifying your workflows and processes with ChurchHarmony's highly innovative features.
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