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Don't get penalized for growth where your monthly access rate increases as you add more members like the other guys do. Seems counter intiutive to us. Beyond the access fee, you only pay for what you use monthly as an à la carte cost!
$49 Monthly Access or Save 5% for 1 YR for only $558.60

Unlimited members / users & support. Responsive & mobile friendly. Access all features. Free quick access app (Apple & Google) included.

Just 2¢/MSG for SMS Texts

Send outbound texts @ 2¢/msg segment (160 characters).

Send Mass eMail $0.001 per email addy per blast

Blast our your next eNews, weekly bulletin, or update with ease!

Mass All Call @ just 3.5¢ / call / min

Send automated phone calls of pre-recorded messages to your members. Another industry leading price here as almost every provider offering this service is above $0.04. No contracts, no minimums.

Online Giving / Donations & Payments Rate

Stripe verified non-profit payment processing rates of 0.8% / ACH Debit TRX. 2.2% + 30¢ / CARD TRX. ChurchHarmony just charges an additional 0.3% + 30¢ / TRX to use our system regardless of type! Accept payments for fees, registrations, dues, or your online store. The use of the online store does require a one time non-refundable setup / activation fee of $250.

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Pricing Explained

What is does the Access Fee cover?
The monthly fee (paid monthly or yearly) covers your congregation's access to the system. You can have unlimited members / users / people records and full use of the system. You'll have access to all the modules and features pending your Account Owner's choice of settings, as well as, user permissions. This will be setup as a recurring charge when your account is created so that we ensure your account stays live for everyone to be able to be connected and engaged.
Monthly Texting Cost
This is an a la carte item that is charged based on last month's usage. You're month resets on the 1st day of every month. We tally up all your text segments that were sent and charge you for that usage and reset your counters back to 0. A segment is a carrier restriction of 160 characters. You can type up to a 1500 character text at once in our system and our user's LOVE that because while the carrier wants their money per segment, and they get it, most modern phones will combine those segments and it will appear as a single text / sms / notification. An example would be you typed up a 300 character text. It will appear on most phones as 1 text when received but it would actually be charged by the cellular carriers as '2 segments'. On mass sending, we'll srub your lists on sending to ensure we remove duplicates.
Monthly eMails Cost

This is an a la carte item that is charged based on last month's usage. It resets the same as texting does above. eMails are per sent email out of our system and that could be from the Mass Mail module or from Form Notifications that you've setup. On mass sending, we'll srub your lists on sending to ensure we remove duplicates.

Monthly Payments Cost

This is an a la carte item that is charged based on last month's usage. It resets the same as the texting and email counters do above. We track the number of times a successful payment is made anywhere in your account (online donations, tithes, registration forms, etc) and we take that qty and multiply it by $0.30 and charge that to you. We then take the total amount of payments and multiply it by 0.3% and charge that to you.

Billing Invoices & Terms

Your monthly invoice for usage based items for the prior month generates on the 1st day of every month. Invoices are due on receipt and a late fee of 10% will apply beyond 10 days. Invoices are emailed to the account owner, as well as, the secondary billing contact email if you have one setup in your account settings. Your access fee should be debited via Stripe automatically on its monthly or yearly subscription day. 

We hate hounding anyone for bill payment, and we'll work with you on a case by case basis should the need arise. For legal reasons, we must state that we have the right to turn your account off after 30 days of failed or non-payment for any invoice sent or mothly access auto charge with Stripe. Keep in mind when this happens, no user will be able to login and a warning message about a "Billing Issue - Contact your Account Owner" will be displayed. This is to alleviate us getting bombarded with support requests for users that can't login for uknown reasons.

With our Christian based foundation, we'll treat you like family.

Our Users Speak for Themselves

ChurchHarmony will strengthen your congregation by increasing member connection, involvement, participation, and engagement. Don't Just take our word for it! Check out more of our 3rd party verified testimonials by clicking on the Capterra button! 

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A church management solution packed with everything you need!

We firmly believe in creating harmony between church systems, people, and processes. Success in your ministries and the engagement and growth of your congregation is our primary goal.
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