Chat System

The chat system offers simple 1 to 1 or chatroom based group chat. Realtime notifications are triggered during the chat session. If you are visiting another area of the system or are away, you'll notice the chat icon turns from white to red when you've received a new chat in a room you are a part of.

To access the chat system, click the message icon in the menu bar at the top of the system.

To create a new chat

  1. Click the blue + icon to create a new chatroom.
  2. Give the room a name.
  3. Select the member(s) that should be part of the chatroom.
  4. Click save.
  5. Start typing your text and you'll be on your way to online chatting with your fellow members!

To edit, close / delete a chatroom

Select the chatroom name that you'd like to work with and click the down arrow icon. Choose edit if you would like to adjust anything with the chatroom including the chatroom name or adding / removing members. Click Delete, if you'd like to delete the chatroom compeltely.

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