Bible Bowl

This page is a great study and practice tool for anyone. Access the Bible Bowl area by clicking on the Bible Bowl left menu item.

Quizzes by Book and Chapter

To take full chapter quizzes, click on the chapter number button you'd like to take a quiz on. the questions will then display in multiple choice format. As you answer your chosen answer and correct answer are displayed. 


Creating Custom Quizzes

You can also use the custom quiz generator to create your own quiz. 

  1. Click on the 'Create Custom Quiz' button.
  2. Enter the total number of questions you'd like to have on your quiz. For example if you wanted a 10 questions quiz, enter 10.
  3. Select the radio buttons for 1 or more chapters from the displayed books and chapters.
  4. Click Create Quiz. The quiz will then begin.
  5. You can choose to 'save' or 'save and send' your results at the end of the custom quiz.


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